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News from CareWorks Comp - November 2018

Workers’ Comp Group Rating Deadline – Immediate Response Required.

We provide benefits that give each of our members a competitive advantage and we are striving to help you succeed!  Thank you for taking the first step to enroll in our 2019 Group Rating program administered by our trusted partner, CareWorksComp.  We encourage you to take the next and final step by submitting the AC26 form (Enrollment Packet) so that you can receive the best discount and service available for the 2019 policy year.

 The 2019 Group Rating Enrollment Deadline is Wednesday, November 14th!

Completing Your Enrollment Is Simple:

  • Complete the AC26 & Disclosure forms in your 2019 group packet
  • Fax the AC26, Disclosure form & Invoice to 614-764-7629 or email it to by November 14th.

If you did not receive your offer or have questions on how to enroll, please contact CareWorksComp’s Program Manager, Amber Hart at 740.602.9599 or by email at

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